Danish ICT Virtual Business Promotion To The Netherlands March & April 2022

Organized in cooperation between SMVdanmark & Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, The Trade Council, The Embassy of Denmark in The Netherlands.

March 22nd 2022 - Full pogram to be announced shortly

The Embassy of Denmark in the Netherlands, together with SMVdanmark, invite you to join us and a diverse group of Danish ICT companies on March the 22nd.

  • Part I: From 09:00 – 12:15 hrs
    We are honoured to welcome special guest speakers from the Dutch public- & private sector to meet the virtual Danish business delegation. (only guest speakers & ICT delegation)
  • Part II: From 13:00 – 14:30 hrs
    We welcome Dutch public- and private sector stakeholders to meet the Danish delegation members from the ICT sector. Delegation members will one by one pitch their company and unique solutions to a group of Dutch stakeholders (you) for 5 minutes.
    After each pitch there will be an opportunity for a short 3-4 minute Q&A session. Groups are divided into three subsector tracks as depicted below. (by invitation only)

Participation from the Danish ICT sector: Please find below more information about the 15 participating Danish ICT companies, divided by sector tracks. The menu expands by clicking each menu point.

GovTech - Digital Solutions to the Public Sector


Colibo is a social and modern intranet. The platform is based on Microsoft technology and integrates with Microsoft 365. It is possible to integrate the already existing digital toolbox of your organization with Colibo’s intranet platform. Colibo is a complete intranet solution independent of SharePoint and is in 2022 elected among the three best SharePoint independent platforms in the world. The platform has approximately 150.000 users globally.

Among Colibo’s current customers, a long list of especially Danish municipalities and other public authorities can be found with up to 30.000+ users. Thus, Colibo has great experience with implementation of the digital workplace within the public sector.

  • Colibo can be used as the front door to the entire organization’s existing digital workplace. An excerpt of Colibo’s features comprises of:Use Colibo as a document and file management system or integrate with SharePoint/OneDrive or Google Workspace.
  • Built in elastic search engine that works with several sources at a time
  • Communication platform inspired by social media connects all employees home and abroad.
  • Collaboration platform makes it possible for employees to gather in teams and workgroups making it easier and more engaging to work on the same ideas, projects, documents and more.
  • App for smartphone and tablet with full intranet functionality

Website: https://www.colibo.com/


Who we are

Believing in simplicity and security as the foundation for growth and progress, Nets powers payment solutions as well as digital identity, signing, and archiving resolutions for an easier tomorrow for banks, businesses and consumers across Europe. Nets is a part of Nexi Group - a leading European PayTech, with 9.000 employees in 25 countries and 60 locations and trusted by 1.000 financial institutions. In Scandinavia Nets is managing over 9.1 million digital identities (Denmark, NemID/MitID and Norway, BankID).

Nets’ Product solutions within TRUST and eSecurity services at one glance:

  • Nets eID Model: eID as a Service (eIDaas) for public & private sector harmonization
  • Nets eID broker: Single point of integration for public/private/hybrid eIDs
  • Nets eIDV: Passport Reader service for cross-country (pan-EU) 1st time identity verification on eIDAS High level of assurance
  • Nets Authentication: PSD2/eIDAS compliant modular offer for single-factor authentication (SFA), two-factor authentication (2FA) and multi-factor authentication (MFA)
  • Nets Signing: Multi-document and Multi-eID proprietary signing solution

Common to all of the solutions is that they are designed to comply with and support contemporary standards (like OpenID Connect) and regulatory requirements (such as PSD2 and eIDAS) compliant with 2-factor authentication.

Nets’ solutions support three security levels: Low, Substantial and High.

Nets can customize each solution to accommodate each customer’s needs in terms of design, branding and language. 

Website: https://www.nets.eu/

Contact person: Roland Eichenauer, VP of Business Development, eSecurity & Digitisation Services. Email: roland.eichenauer@nexigroup.com - Phone: +45 29 48 74 50, 

Emply (Lessor)

Emply is a HRM software solution for making it easier to manage all tasks related to having employees. This includes recruitment, onboarding, administration, training, surveys, performance tracking and performance reviews.

In large organizations and institutions, it can be difficult to manage the growing amount of HR data and administrative tasks. Today, Emply is used by half of all municipalities in Denmark and a long list of educational institutions. It is therefore safe to say that Emply understands the problems and challenges that the public sector is facing. Emply is designed to be user friendly and a platform accessible for all relevant employees irrespective of their technical capabilities.

A thorough introduction to the platform is of course provided and further support is at hand via phone or e-mail.

Website: https://www.emply.nl/


KMD is one of Denmark’s leading IT and software companies who has played a key role in digitizing the Danish welfare state for almost half of the century. Each day Danish citizens use our systems – when receiving their salary, communicating with public administration or calculating their heating bill. Today KMD is a dynamic private business with annual revenues exceeding 640 million Euro and over 3200 employees in Denmark, Sweden and Poland.

The KMD WorkZone EIM Platform (Enterprise Information Management), is a no-code platform to build business applications and processes within the areas of case-management, content- and records management, asset management wide range of information management. Powering large parts of the Danish government for more than 40 years the KMD WorkZone solution is a powerful EIM platform that is built with security and compliance at its heart and therefore trusted by a large number of the most sensitive Central Government customers in Denmark – including the Danish Police, the Danish Defense and Danish Tax Authority.

WorkZone can integrate with existing tools and user portals allowing customers to create and monitor their own cases without the need to interact with customer support saving resources for more complex customer engagements. With seamless integrations into Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook, employees are working with the tools they are already familiar with.

WorkZone can be integrated with reporting tools allowing detailed analysis of information to assist decision making both as part of a case and longer-term business process improvements. WorkZone has an Artificial Intelligence engine that can be used to assist in the decision-making process or even automate these decisions.

Website: https://www.kmd.net/

Contact person: Asger Steen Boelsmand (International Sales & Partner Specialist). E-mail: gpj@kmd.dk - Phone: +45 22 60 16 89

Contact person: Leif Ilsø (Area Director). E-mail: li@kmd.dk - Phone: +45 40 58 55 17


Prevent website crashes from high traffic with Queue-it’s virtual waiting room.  In high-demand situations, online visitors are redirected to a customizable waiting room and then throttled back to an organization’s website or app in a controlled, first-come, first-served order. This allows public sector organizations to:

  • Stay online no matter the demand: Queue-it creates a reliable, predictable flow of traffic that keeps systems online 24/7, letting organizations focus on what they do best.
  • Give citizens a fair and informed wait: Instead of crashes or slowdowns, citizens get a fair and transparent wait so public sector organizations get fewer support tickets and stay out of the news.
  • Implement a secure, accessible, and flexible solution: Keep citizen data private and show accessible waiting rooms across devices so visitors with disabilities enjoy the same user experience.

Queue-it’s virtual waiting room is simply a waiting page inserted between two web pages using an HTTP 302 redirect, so no DNS changes are needed. No sensitive data goes through Queue-it, and we have adapted our products, services, and processes to ensure we’re GDPR-compliant. Integration can be done in under one day with a skilled developer.

Queue-it’s virtual waiting room has been utilized by public sector organizations around the world for a wide variety of use cases including: Immigration applications, unemployment claims, tax filings and returns, voter registrations, Covid-19 vaccination registration, stimulus distribution, parks and recreation access.

Website: https://queue-it.com/

Cloud- & Cyber Security Solutions to the Public- & Private Sector

Arbit Cyber Defence Systems

Arbit offers a range of certified and accredited Cross Domain Solutions for high security networks.

Our Data Diode and the Arbit TRUST Gateway solves the challenges of running high security networks (disconnected/air gapped/galvanic) as we ensure seamless transfer of data including integration with Multi Engine Virus scanning and Data Sanitization.

The Arbit Trust Gateway replaces non-secure manual data transfer using USB or similar devices. The Trust Gateway integrates with your existing company infrastructure.

Customers primarily in Intelligence, Armed Forces, National Government, Police and Defence Industry across Europe, North Africa, and Asia.

The Data Diode is nationally accredited for NATO COSMIC TOP SECRET and EU RESTRICTED and certified EAL7+ .

Website: https://arbitcds.com/

Contact person: Kasper Gubi Petersen. E-mail: kgp@arbitcds.com - Phone: +45 41 78 30 21

Safe Online

Safe Online is the easiest, simplest and fastest way to take the next steps in compliance with GDPR.

Since May 2018, millions and millions have been poured into policies, guidelines, rules, training, posters, consultants and what not. BUT it seems that no one really knows if it’s working.

According to the European Data Protection Board it’s no longer enough to just have guidelines, companies need to show that they actively work to comply.

The most common problems are: E-mails, local drives & shared files which contains resume’s or other personal information. But how do you check such a thing?  

Safe Online is focused on helping small and medium sized businesses take the needed next step in compliance in a simple and cost-efficient way.

Safe Online’s DataMapper uses AI and Machine Learning to find your company’s personally identifiable information (PII) across employees, cloud storage, emails, systems, and apps. That way you can identify and manage data privacy risks in an easy and automated way.

Website: https://bysafeonline.com/


Criipto is a broker of e-IDs in several European countries, including the Dutch DigiD.

Criipto Verify is the simplest way to set up and implement e-IDs, such as the Dutch DigiD, for your business in a secure way. All-in-one e-ID: Integrate once and get immediate access to the e-IDs of Scandinavia and the Netherlands. Criipto Verify is easily integrated and set up in just a few hours. Criipto will take care of security and future updates for you.

Criipto Signature is a safe e-signature solution. It is easy to set up in already existing workflows within your organization. This solution can also be used as a stand-alone product for smaller businesses, who can pay accordingly to their need for gathering electronic signatures.

Website: https://criipto.com/

Contact person: Niels Flensted-Jensen (Founder). E-mail: niels@criipto.com


At Dencrypt, we are experts in secure communication.

The Dencrypt Communication Solution is an integrated communication platform that enables secure, encrypted communication on your regular smartphone using any available data connection. Dencrypt Communication Solution consists of the Dencrypt Connex app and Dencrypt Server System

  • Dencrypt Connex is the user-friendly app for smartphones that lets you make voice calls, video calls, and send messages securely. Your data is safely transmitted – even over non-secure digital infrastructure such as Wi-Fi hotspots. Available for iOS and Android.
  • Dencrypt Server System is the platform for secure user management, call and message routing, and authentication. Available as a cloud solution or can be deployed on-premises.

The Dencrypt Communication Solution is Common Criteria Certified and NATO approved for classified communication.

Website: https://www.dencrypt.dk/

PII Guard

PII Guard offers products that are able to protect your PII (Personally Identifiable Information) and other sensitive information and thus enable your data to be used for more purposes, with fewer restrictions and with less risks.

Our products remove the connection to specific persons in a data set but preserve the business value of the data. This allows for safe processing, transfer, and storage of data; also, via less secure platforms, services and third parties. Data protected by our products can be processed exactly as the original non-protected data, with the same tools, platforms, and methods as usual.

PII Guard has experience with customers from several prominent companies and organizations, including public organizations, banks, insurance companies and pension assets managers.

Website: https://piiguard.com/

Digital Solutions to the Transport- & Logistics Sector


Weply provides a live chat function for your website for the purpose of generating qualified leads day and night. These leads will be sent directly to your mail inbox or CRM system such that your business has the best possible terms for converting these leads to a sale. That means more of your website visitors will be transformed into paying clients.

Contrary to the traditional automatic chatbots, it is real people sitting behind Weply’s live chat function answering the inquiries of your possible, future customers within seconds. These chat consultants are trained in grammar, customer service and chat psychology.

Further, Weply takes on a social responsibility by making it a goal to employ people with disabilities. The employment model at Weply makes it possible for people with disabilities to work as chat consultants – creating new opportunities for people by providing flexible working conditions.

Within the transportation business, Weply has a wide range of experience with servicing the customers of moving and delivery companies, long distance operators and others.

Website: https://weply.nl/

Contact person: Søren Gøtterup-Tang. E-mail: sgt@weply.dk - Phone: +45 28 95 97 77


Bizbrains delivers IT integration services to more than 400 customers, including companies working within the transportation and logistics industry.

Bizbrains provides their Link software as a SaaS integration platform. Link automizes your B2B dataflows and provides you with a digital cockpit that enables you to easily set up, track and manage your B2B integrations with the purpose of making it easier for you to serve your clients, support and control your vendors, and strengthen your entire supply chain.

All too often, EDI (and B2B integration in general) is so complex that it prevents companies from responding quickly to demands from their trading partners. Onboarding new trading partners takes months, inventory management suffers from a lack of visibility, and solving even common issues concerning document transactions means involving – and waiting for – integration experts.

Fortunately, it does not have to be like that. Link empowers your employees to handle B2B integration-related tasks without involving the IT department. With Link, trading partner onboarding can often be done within minutes. Questions from clients and other trading partners regarding your mutual transactions can be answered right away. Errors can be solved instantly. And every single action and transaction becomes trackable.

This does not only mean that your employees can save time and focus on more complex and rewarding tasks. It also makes it easier and more pleasant for your trading partners to do business with you - which will most certainly have a positive impact on your business. 

Website: https://link-edi.com/

Contact person: Thomas Hvid Jakobsen. E-mail: thj@bizbrains.com - Phone: +45 54 55 79 07


With a foundation from a decade of servicing the hospitality industry and a strong fucus on end user experience, boutique firm RAW IT delivers top quality IT consulting and management, technical solutions, products and support.

The emphasis is on providing the highest level of service and tailored solutions, to a wide range of European clients. Within transportation and logistics, RAW IT services a portfolio of Enterprise clients in the maritime sector as well as in general logistics.

RAW IT specializes in products and services that improves operations, creates security and enhances productivity by optimizing useability.
Network design and Wi-Fi optimization, management of networks and infrastructure, support services (24h support available).
IT, e-mail and data security (in line with GDPR) including automatic e-mail encryption and secure storage of sensitive information.

Digital signage/ information boards, displaying clients’ fleet of vessels in real time with location, route, delays and carried cargo. Full API integration for surveillance cameras, sensors, RS feeds (harbor, airport, weather, news etc.).

TV and entertainment solutions for both on- and off-shore locations, including on-demand tv, satellite and Chromecast streaming.

Website: https://www.rawit.dk

Contact person: Jesper Brouer (Partner). E-mail: jb@rawit.dk - Phone: +45 53 54 42 55

EG ASPECT4 Transport

EG provides software to several different businesses and industries, including the transportation and logistics industry.

ASPECT4 Transport provides a full Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for your business. With ASPECT4 Transport, you can handle goods and transport digitally, simply and clearly. ASPECT4 Transport gives you a solution fully adapted to your business needs such that you can provide your customers with on-time delivery. You will be provided with

  • An overview of all shipments and ongoing transports
  • Integrated communication to drivers
  • Full transparency
  • Self-service option

Website: https://global.eg.dk/

Contact person: Søren Trampedach Grodt-Andersen. E-mail: sotgr@eg.dk - Phone: +45 72 20 79 08


myPallet offers innovative and digitized tools for managing and controlling transport packaging. With the Digital Transport Packaging Management tool, you receive the benefits of digitization by replacing paper forms and manual bookkeeping. myPallet delivers digital tools for all stages of the supply chain in 12 countries:

  • From sender to recipient
  • From the truck owner to the freight forwarder
  • From warehouseman to the truck driver

myPallet aims to minimize the transport chain costs associated with packaging management by simplifying the administrative tasks in the management and control of transport packaging. We strive to increase recycling and conserve natural resources. All done with confidence and transparency.

myPallet also offers digital management of customers’ own fleet of trailers and trucks with the Digital Fleet Damage Management tool as well digital eCMR and Track & Trace solutions.

The digital data exchange is done by using our applications (available for iOS and Android), and managed by the individual customer, using the myPallet Dashboard, which is the customer’s unique access to the system.

Website: https://mypallet.dk/nl/

Further questions?

Event coordinator and contact person:

Contact person (NL): Christian Boe Hansen (The Trade Council, The Hague). E-mail: chrhae@um.dk - Phone: +31 (0)70 302 5975

Contact person (DK): Jens Kvorning (SMVdanmark). E-mail: kvorning@smvdanmark.dk - Phone: +45 30 59 06 86